The 7th Asian Conference on Fixed Point Theory and Optimization 2013 @ KU-KamphaengSaen Campus

The 7th  Asian Conference on Fixed Point  Theory  and Optimization 2013

18-20 July 2013 @ Kasetsart University, KamphaengSaen Campus

July 18, 2013

13.00-14.15         Registration

14.15-14.30         Conference welcome by Dr. Winate Sanhan

14.30-15.10         Keynote Speaker: Prof. Suthep Suantai

Chair Person: Prof. Wataru Takahashi

15.10-15.50         Keynote Speaker: Prof. Somyot Plubtieng

Chair Person: Prof. Jein-Shan Chen

15.50-16.10         Coffee Break

15.40-16.20   Keynote Speaker:  Prof.  Phan Quoc Khanh

Chair Person:  Prof. Somyot Plubtieng


July 19, 2013

8.40-9.00              Conference background report by Prof. Sompong Dhompongsa

– Opening ceremony addressed by Assoc.Prof.Vudthichai Kapilakanchana

9.00-9.20              KPS Campus introduction  by Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sombat Chinawong,

9.20-10.00           Keynote Speaker: Prof. Wataru Takahashi

Chair Person:  Prof. Sompong  Dhompongsa

10.00-10.20         Coffee Break

10.20-11.00         Keynote Speaker: Prof. Brailey Sims

Chair Person:  Prof.  Phan Quoc Khanh

11.00-11.50         Invited Speakers(2 talks:room)

-Room 1- Chair Person:             Assit. Prof. Narin Petrot

-11.00-11.25         Prof.  Mohsen Razzaghi

-11.25-11.50      Assoc. Prof. Poom Kumam

-Room 2- Chair Person:                 Dr. Winate  Sanhan

-11.10-11.25     Prof. Ali  Farajzadeh

-11.25-12.50    Assoc. Prof. Rabian Wangkeeree

11.50-13.00         Launch

13.00-13.40         Keynote Speaker:  Prof. Jein-Shan Chen

Chair Person:  Prof. Suthep Suantai

13.40-15.00         Parallel Sessions (4 Rooms)                                                                         (16 Persons)

15.00-15.20        Coffee Break

15.20-17.20       Parallel Sessions (4 Rooms)                                                                         (24 Persons)

17.20-18.40         Campus Tour (Kamphaeng Sean Campus)

18.40-21.00         Banquet


July 20, 2013

9.00-10.40           Parallel Sessions (4 Rooms)                                                                         (20 Persons)

10.40-11.00         Coffee Break

11.00-11.25         Invited Speakers

-Room 1 Chair Person:   Assist. Prof. Bancha Panyanak

11.00-11.25         Dr. Ta  Quang Son

-Room 2  Chair Person:  Assoc. Prof. Poom Kumam

11.00-11.25  Assist. Prof. Narin Petrot

11.25 -12.05      Keynote Speaker: Prof. Sompong  Dhompongsa

Chair Person: Prof. Brailey Sims

12.05-13.00         Launch

13.00-14.00         Conclusion Remarks and Closing Ceremony

Remark: Keynote speaker 7 persons; Invited Speaker 6 persons; Parallel Sessions 60 Persons


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KMUTT-Fixed Point Theory and Application Research Group


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